Take a look at The All Time Favourite Sun Wukong Slot

If you like slots that have an element in Asian tradition and past, Sun Wukong is among the games you should play immediately. This game was developed upon a legend of ancient Chinese beasts.

We've all heard of the tale, Journey To The West which tells of the existence of mythical creatures and warriors who had in-supernatural abilities who lived within Ancient China. If you've never heard of the history of this period, you may even better understand it by the game of slots.

Sun Wukong is created by Playtech, one of the top game makers in Asia. Playtech has a reputation for creating many games that are among the most exciting game titles and this slot game is among those that have met the expectations of players. It's a five-reel slot game that has 15 paylines which you can be played to win an progressive jackpot.

The online slot was first introduced in the year 2016, however, since it's been in play the popularity of this slot has grown rapidly. Many 5-star casinos have no hesitation to include it on their list of games. If you're considering whether you should test this Sun Wukong Slot or not here are a few of the reasons that we at jfdbet sportsbook malaysia would recommend to everyone who plays slot machines to test out this slot online.

Wukong Slot Good-Designed Graphics

One of the factors that keeps players interested during play is the graphics. And this slot game will get five stars on this one. The animations and the variety of colors employed in the game will make you want to play more and more. Even those who play on devices that do not have high-pixel density screens will enjoy an enjoyable experience playing this slot online.

Another thing that we will be discussing when it comes in regards to graphics for Sun Wukong are the symbols employed. The UI creators of this slot online spent a lot of time deciding the right symbols and which colours to depict the symbols. When you look at the symbols featured in the game, it is hard to imagine anything better.

Game Feels Smooth and Easy. Game Feels Soft

A great graphic alone is not enough to give gamers with the gaming experience they'll need. Playtech recognized this! This is why they have spent many hours on optimising the game to let it work with device hardware utilized for playing the game. games feel effortless only when there is a an excellent connection between the game (software) as well as the hardware (hardware) which is being used in playing the game.

We must say that Playtech software engineers have done well in this issue since you'll rarely experience lags playing this slot online regardless of what device you play on.

If you have a computer equipped with features in the hardware that are over average, you'll probably get an excellent gaming experience when you play the game.

Huge Jackpot

Who doesn't enjoy winning an Jackpot? We bet everyone does. Sun Wukong is one of the games with a huge Jackpot that it can be kept. The jackpot is progressive, which means that the more participants join and play, the more you can be able to win in the event that you hit the jackpot.

These free spins are initiated because there are 3 or more Scatter icons across the reels. If you hit 2 or more scatters during free games, you will be able to win additional free spins.

It also comes with the Ratio of Return To Player (RTP) of 96 percent, which is a lot in comparison with other slots.

A lot of Bonuses

Freebies are a must and there are plenty of them available in this online slot machine in the form of bonuses or free spins. The welcome bonus online casino malaysia offered that are available in Sun Wukong include; the valley of the Sun which gives players 20 games for free with "a multiplier of times two" multiplier, the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits gives the players 10 no-cost games, with a multipliers of four times while Kingdom of Heaven. Kingdom of Heaven wins players eight free spins, with a multiplier of five times.

When you compare it with other slots it is clear the extent to which Playtech created this particular game.

Sun Wukong Slot Machine Tips

It's not fun to play If you just perish for every cent you deposit into the machine. If you'd like to improve the odds of winning Here are some of the best Sun Wukong most trusted online slots tips that you can utilize.

  • Spend some time to look over the pay table that the game offers. Like every other slot Sun Wukong also has the paytable which explains the meaning of each symbol in the game represents. Understanding the paytable can assist you in making the right choices prior to spin the wheel.
  • Make use of all pay lines. You might have to pay a bit more to use all pay lines in this slot online. To increase the odds of winning, this is something you must to take into consideration because it's better to invest more money and win eventually instead of playing a tiny amount at a time, and then walking out without winning.
  • Benefit from bonuses. This slot machine online has plenty of bonuses and, if you're looking to be successful you must use these bonuses effectively. When you play with the free spins you receive, play them as if they were free. This type of mindset is what players who are successful at slot machines use. Therefore, give it a try now, and you'll not regret it.

Last Thoughts

If you compare it with other slot machines that are based in China in the market, this video slot machine is among of the best available in the market at the moment. Playtech has taken the effort to make this the easiest game to play.

Utilizing Ancient China the history of China as the foundation for creating this made it simple to the Asian community to be connected to it. If you've never tried it this service, make sure to check it out on trusted online slot malaysia and tell us about your experience.

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