Playtech launches Spirit Twister Bingo

Playtech the world's top gaming technology firm is expanding its bingo offerings by launching Spirit Twister Bingo - a brand-new variant that features an increaser bonus, progressive jackpot , and greater chances of winning.

The game is based on the concept in the form of "spirit creatures" along with gems. Spirit Twister Bingo is an eye-catching 75-ball game which offers players an exciting combination of prizes as well as higher odds of winning at the end of a game due to the the player's numbers being limited.

When the fresh game animated sequence is shown that shows gems and animals as well as a randomly chosen multiplier. The multiplier will be applied in addition to House prize, which could be significantly increase the prize and, in the event that players call House within a certain quantity of ball, they are awarded an increasing Spirit Twister Jackpot.

Instead of having players wait for games to be scheduled Games are generated automatically upon demand, which means that even with the limitation of numbers, players won't need to wait long.

Angus Nisbet, Managing Director of Digital Bingo at Playtech, remarks:

The launch of Spirit Twister Bingo is a perfect example of Playtech's dedication to providing exciting, innovative Bingo content. The combination of an eye-catching visual concept, an appealing structure of the jackpot and prize, as well as increased chances of winning is already exciting players and operators, as well as providing new ways to engage players and keep up to the demand.

David Swaine, Head of Digital Operations at Buzz Bingo, adds: "Within days after the game went live we've witnessed a tremendous response from players in response to Spirit Twister Bingo. It's not just an eye-catching experience however, it also has distinct elements to the game and the prize structure. Although it's still early however we're confident that Spirit Twister Bingo is going to become a long-term favorite among Bingo players."

Spirit Twister Bingo is available all online live casino playtech over the world.

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