Playtech Live launches Who Wants To Be A Millionaire at Live Roulette

Playtech is the world's largest gaming technology firm today announces the release of Who Would You Like to Be A Millionaire? Live Roulette following the signing of a five-year exclusive partnership in partnership with Sony Pictures Television ("SPT") earlier in the year.

Based on the hugely acclaimed and prize-winning Sony Pictures Television ("SPT") format, which has recently marked its 20th anniversary and has been adopted in more than 120 countries around the world, who would like to be a Millionaire? Live Roulette has been created in close cooperation together with SPT. SPT team. It's the latest Live Game Show to launch from Playtech's rapidly expanding product line, live casino online. The first of three games is titled Who Wants to be A Millionaire? Live Roulette brings together the well-known Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? brand with an extremely innovative gaming experience that is the next stage of your Playtech Live Game Show experience.

The game has numerous classic Who wants To Be A Millionaire? features of the famous television show like fifty/50 Ask your Audience, and the brand new game feature Ask the Host which allows hosts can take away incorrect answers based on the difficulty that the questions are. The features have been modified for the game , yet they carry the logic and spirit of the television show.

Who would like to be a Millionaire? Live Roulette also delivers a unique experience that is engaging by giving players who do not have a bet active on the table to join in. Participants can still play the Millionaire Round by guessing the result and having fun.

Edo Haitin, CEO at Playtech Live, comments: "Playtech Live is committed to providing the most enjoyable entertainment experience. We are thrilled with the opportunity we get to collaborate with the Who Would Like To be A Millionaire? brand. I'm sure that players will be able to enjoy the distinctive experience of the "Millionaire" brand when playing the game. I'm very satisfied with our studio building team, who have built an immersive studio of the highest quality with modern technology throughout. By collaborating with partners such as Sony Pictures Television, we are able to bring together our amazing technology with an exciting live gaming experience and the adored global brand Who Wants to be a Millionaire? We are enjoying a thrilling journey with Playtech Live and we aim to provide the most exciting and enjoyable gaming experience that is responsible and safe on the marketplace."

Stephan Zingg, Commercial Director, Interactive, Western Europe, Sony Pictures Television, states: "Playtech Live is the leading industry player in the creation of the most exciting online gaming experiences . We are extremely excited to witness Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Live Roulette was launched on all of the Playtech Live network. We look forward working alongside our Playtech Live teamthe next two exciting games that are part of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? portfolio."

About Sony Pictures Television

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) is among the TV industry's top content providers, creating and distributing programming globally in every genre and on every platform. As well as overseeing one of the most extensive libraries of award-winning feature films television programs along with formats SPT hosts an thriving global content company, which operates an extensive portfolio of wholly-owned and joint-venture production firms across the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific in addition to digital and linear channels throughout the globe. SPT is an Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, an affiliate of the Japanese-based Sony Group Corporation.

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