Playtech agrees Online Casino and VLT games deals with Norsk Tipping

Playtech is the world's largest gaming technology firm is pleased to announce the signature of two agreements to supply Norway's nation-wide operating gaming company Norsk Tipping with a range of Online Casino and Video Lottery Terminals (VLT) products. Both agreements are in line with two procurement procedures for public procurement by Norsk Tipping.

These agreements strengthen the relationship that has been established between Playtech as well as Norsk Tipping. Playtech has been providing Online Casino games for the operators since 2016 , and the VLT platform, games terminals, and other services since 2003. The signing of these agreements will see the partnership expanded and extended within every product area.

The online casino agreement implies that Norsk Tipping will be able to play Playtech's growing variety of innovative and new online casino games. They come from the extensive collection of Playtech game studios that include Origins, Quickspin, Vikings, Rarestone and Ash.

This VLT Games Agreement will allow Playtech provide its selection of VLT games to Norsk Tipping's stations all over Norway. Playtech will provide its top performing VLT games to the market, and will also collaborate in conjunction with Norsk Tipping to create unique specific content to Norway. Norwegia

Shimon Akad the Chief Operating Officer of Playtech stated: "Playtech content has proven to be extremely well-loved by the players at Norsk Tipping. We're thrilled to continue offering our comprehensive strategy of content as we work to develop an innovative, modern, and accountable online and retail game offerings for their players".

"These agreements are an affirmation of our strengths in the area of games for the online casino and VLT retail markets, which includes the highly-regulated and responsible-gaming-oriented regions that are part of Norway as well as Norway and the Nordic region. It also demonstrates our policy of focusing on long-term relationships with the top operators on markets that are controlled."

Hans Erland Ringsvold, Head of Gaming Operations at Norsk Tipping, added:" We are excited to keep our relationship with playtech casino and are looking to launch their robust strategy of casinos online and VLT games for our gaming platforms. We believe that Playtech's renowned VLT expertise and online casino knowledge across a variety of markets that are controlled will continue to offer an excellent value to Norsk Tipping and support us in the implementation of our strategy for content"

About Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping is a state-owned company that holds the exclusive rights to several of games of betting that are available on the Norwegian market.

The principal task assigned the Norsk Tipping Norsk Tipping by the government is to stop issues that could arise from gambling. It does this by channeling Norwegians who want to bet in a restricted gambling program.

All profits are used for the socially beneficial goals. From 1948 onward, Norsk Tipping has contributed more than NOK 162 billion (price-adjusted) to socially beneficial goals.

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