How To Win Big Money On Online Slots

The gamblers are often unsure if it's really possible to win big on online slots and if it is, then what is the best way to do it?

If it's the huge jackpot or an exciting game feature that can result in huge cash prize, best online slots real money always offer the guarantee of huge returns. The tiny fortunes are locked in an complicated algorithm which ensures only the most fortunate of gamblers have a chance of winning these rare jackpots.

This article explains the money you could win from specific best online slots games and how you can improve your odds of winning the most lucrative Jackpots.


A lot of money won playing online slot machines comes down to a few factors: return-to-player as well as volatility and jackpots.

Due To RTP & Volatility

Lucky players who take home a huge jackpots usually leave with less than a few bucks or even more than a thousand dollars at specific dates. This is due in part to variation rate of online slots which determines the risk-reward ratio of a slot game in addition to the RTP of the slot.

Remember that moderate variance rates generally result in a slight increase to the initial amount you deposit. People who are attracted with the slot's RNG with moderate volatility rates can make more than double their initial budget.

All RNG games are made equal, some RNG games are more lucrative than others due to their design!

Due to Jackpots

The players who have won a modest fortune even bet without losing, usually one million dollars or more they are among the few types of players who have won the most significant winnings of a progressive slot that has a high volatility rate. Progressive casino games offer jackpot payouts that increase every time players spin the reels.

Keep in mind that slots jackpots are based on implied odds which tell you how likely it is for players to take home the prize. If players from all over the world spend money on progressive games, that jackpot could easily be worth the sum of a million dollars. But the high volatile of these games means that winning the jackpot is an extremely long-shot possibility.

In slot machines there is volatility, which is the decision made mathematically by the gaming studio in between tiny but frequent wins and more rare, but greater winnings (i.e. jackpots).


To give you a clear understanding of the amount you could make on online slots Here are a few of the top jackpot-winning games in the casino.

If you're looking for more big wins, you can check out our listing of the best slots wins around the world..

Belgian Napoleon Sports & Casino Online Player - EUR19,430,723.60

A Belgian player who prefers not to be identified, won the Mega Jackpot of Microgaming's Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah on the Napoleon Sports & Casino website. The winnings were triggered by the Jackpot Wheel mini-game during one of their spins, and then getting lucky enough to land on the small square that has the Red Top Hat. With just a stake of EUR15 this player broke the world record for the largest possible jackpot that Microgaming can offer in its progressive slot.

E.O. - $20,069,287.27

Mega Moolah from Microgaming is typically used when discussing the most progressive online slot players since the game is known to hit incredible jackpot levels. In January of 2019 one Canadian will smash the record for the game when he triggered the Jackpot Wheel and landing on the most tiny Mega Jackpot space. This fortunate break will lead to a staggering jackpot worth $20 million. Due to their desire to remain private, the lucky winner was identified by their initial E.O.


Take note that the highest potential prizes are found in slots with high variance with extremely high-risk rate. Before you even imagine winning the jackpot The odds of winning the bonus feature to get winning the huge jackpot are very low. Here are some ways to improve your odds of winning big with slot machines online.

Get to Know a Game With Free Online Slots

Before you decide to play gambling with real money, try demo versions first. One benefit of playing for free is knowing how to play the bonus aspect of the game, or the game's mechanic that can lead to the jackpot winnings.

There is a good chance for players to win at winning one of the many jackpot prizes in the mini bonus game that is part of the title. Through the experience of a free slot you will be aware of the chances you have of winning the bonus feature by playing an exact number of spins.

Read theJackpot Requirements

A few games with progressive jackpots come with certain progressive jackpot slots have a minimum bet amount to meet before you can play the bonus feature. If you're playing these slots and you do not meet the wagering requirement that the game can only activate one or a couple bonuses which don't have the jackpot payout. Other games that have wagering requirements only pay you fixed jackpots instead of the progressive jackpot when you're not playing at the highest stake. Understanding the progressive jackpot requirements will help you avoid losing cash when you're aiming for the biggest prize.

Create Your Budget

Be aware that you're paying money to enjoy yourself and not to make a fortune. Similar to other entertainment options it is helpful to establish an amount to fund the jackpot that you are seeking. You must have a suitable budget for a particular online casino slot if have tried its demo version and have a clear idea of the jackpot requirements.

Keep in mind that you need an affordable budget to allow you to play any slot machine that is progressive. The appropriate amount for online casino games and still able to cover the essentials for the month will help you forget about any regrets. If you feel the need to gamble after having gone through your finances there are no-cost online slots available on worldwide legal brands.

You can make big winnings playing online slots by playing progressive games that offer huge jackpots that could reach million of dollars. The practice of playing demo versions of slots as the most popular games at online casino, and knowing the requirements for winning will help you earn some money from the online casino you love.

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