Orangutan Pulling Man's T-shirt

An orangutan at an Indonesian Zoo has been viewed as viral across the web. The orangutan is in the latest viral video taking and stealing a zoo visitor's shirt. The video was shot by Kasang Kulim Zoo. Kasang Kulim Zoo and has caused a passionate debate on social networks about the zoo's care for animals.

A man is seen stepping into an enclosure for orangutans in the most popular video. The primate, who does not seem to be awed by the presence of a visitor, reaches into the enclosure and grabs the person's shirt with massive force. A second person is on the way to help the man who's stranded the primates refuses to let its grasp. Following that, the orangutan grasps the legs of the guest and is unable to release it.

Zoo even shared the explanation to its Instagram page. The clarification comes from @ipin chill of the Kasangkulim Zoo in the video which was widely shared via social media, and in the apology video they pledged that it will never happen again.

The man is believed to have smashed through a fence meant to keep people out of the enclosure to get the orangutan photographed up close.

This mega888 online viral video shows how being too close caged animals could be risky. After poking his finger into the bar of the cage of a lion Zookeepers in Jamaica was able to cut his finger off. The moment of terror when the man is attempting to pull his hands out of the cage, while the animal continues to hold on to the cage has become viral.