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Tom Brady turns 45 - Is 2022 his last season in the NFL?

Tom Brady turns 45 - Is 2022 his last season in the NFL?

The GOAT, as he's known, has just turned 45. He's set to continue playing in the NFL for another year after 'unretiring.' But will he go beyond that? This is the million-dollar question.

Tom Brady turns 45. But how long will he play?

Today's birthday wishes go out to Tom Brady. Yesterday, August 3, was the 45th birthday of Tom Brady, a former Patriots star and current Buccaneers signal caller. The focus immediately turned to how long he will play. Brady, of course, was able to secure his post-NFL job when he signed a multimillion-dollar contract with Fox Network. He will be working as an NFL analyst. But that's not what the fans are interested in. The legendary QB has 'unretired' only weeks after announcing his retirement. But, everyone is wondering, 'Will Tom Brady play more seasons?'

When Brady was asked how long he thinks he can play in the NFL, and more importantly, if he wants to play longer than the year that he signed up for, all eyes were on him. His answer was a smile, before any words were spoken. "How long can I play?" "How long could I play?"

What's in it for Tom Brady?

Brady briefly retired from football this offseason. However, he made a quick U-turn and resigned after only a few weeks. Concerning his contractual situation, Brady is still tied to the Bucs through 2022. Despite recent controversy over his flirtation with Miami Dolphins, there is not evidence that Brady is considering moving to another team. This brings us to the question: Will TB12 commit to Tampa Bay long-term? He said that it was unlikely.

Brady has a lot of other things going on at this point in his career, and they're not related to trophy-related. Brady is a loving husband and father. The vote for GOAT did not conceal the fact that his family is the main reason he won't play into his 50s. He said that he has too many other things going on. "My children are probably the most important. They are growing up fast and I have to make sure they have me there for ."