Private Eye Slot Game

The mid-1900s saw The Private Eye movies and novels have been a huge success. A lot of fans of Philip Marlowe were happy as Microgaming brought the era back with the introduction of an online version of the Private Eye Slot Game.

The symbols that appear on the reels have been carefully chosen to reflect the most authentically of the time, such as the classic pistol as well as the car sporting the 1950s-era frame, and the phone featuring the famous rotating dial. There are also thematic symbols. The developer of online games recreates the atmosphere of crimes, with redhead girls whisky and cash as well as a chalkmark on the body and handcuffs.

The Private Eye himself represents the Scatter symbol, and The Badge can be considered symbolizing the Wild symbol. A Newspaper Boy can be considered the Free Spins symbol, while clues hidden under the magnifying glass represents an additional Bonus symbol.

If you're an avid Private Eye fan or not the slot game malaysia is sure to give you a completely different gaming experience. Read on to find out more!

What is it Private Eye Slot Game

Private Eye Slot Game doe not have paylines in play This makes this one Microgaming's most popular creations. It provides online players with the chance to win 243 times. The slot game is interactive and players will be finding the answer by searching for clues. It features innovative graphics and the right sound effects, providing the right atmosphere and ambience to provide a thrilling game.

The game is available online and features Scatter icons as well as the Wild icon, as well as several bonus games. The game also offers the option of a free spin, so players have the chance to win up to 20 spins. Utilizing the coin denominations of 0.01 to 0.25 the players are able to place bets. The slot game has the Bet Max feature and multipliers which allow players to take home as much as 100,000 dollars.

Unusual Features

If you're a lover of progressive jackpots with huge payouts, and murder mystery, Private Eye Slot Game will meet your needs in terms of gaming.

These are the main aspects of this best slot game malaysia:

  • Scatter Symbol. The Private Investigator is what is known as the Scatter symbol. A player who has 5 Scatter symbols will win 100 times their payout. Additionally, they will be awarded for three and four symbols on the reels, with a similar payout.
  • Wild Symbol. The Police Badge is what is known as the Wild symbol. It is a substitute for other symbols, with the exception of free spins icons and the newsboy icon along with the Private Investigator symbol.
  • Free Spins. This slot online game is accompanied by 20 spins for free. If players find the correct combination while participating in the Free Spins Bonus games, they will be able to win free spins. Additionally, the winnings is not re-triggered and can go up to four times.

Bonus Round

Private Eye Slot Game has three bonus games that include: the Free Spins Bonus games, Solve the Case Bonus as well as Mugshot Bonus. Its Free Spins Bonus is triggered when the newsboy icon is activated. Players will take part in the Pick and Pick game. If they are able to get their winning combo, they will be awarded twenty free spins. This Solve the Case bonus is activated when the bonus symbol appears on all three reels at the same time. Then is it is the Mugshot Bonus is launched if players spot an image of a fingerprint.

Progressive Jackpots

Private Eye Slot Game has five progressive jackpots: major, mini, maxi major, maxi, minor and mini. 5 jackpot level levels have been embedded into the interactive pyramid of jackpots. The players must start at the bottom of the pyramid and move up from mini jackpot to the grand jackpot.

Every level is equipped with gold vaults. Players must open them to reveal the red, green or gold artifact. Gold is the symbol that completes the level, and allows players to advance. The green symbol gives players another choice from that same level. The red symbol is the final symbol to win the largest jackpot.

What is the best way to Play Private Eye Slot Game

It doesn't matter if this is your first experience with an Private Eye slot game because the whole process is easy. Before you begin any investigation be sure to place the bets. With the buttons ( and -) you can change the value of the coin. Just below it is the option to choose the number of coins. You can do this with on the Coins button.

Its Max Bet button enables you to pick the bet that is the most. If you're already satisfied with your wager it is time to click the Spit button. Also, you can activate the autoplay feature. This way you don't have to press the Spin button many times. The feature is also available in the traditional online game Jin Qian Wa.

Strategies to Win Private Eye Slot Game

Online slots such as Private Eye are not all about luck. It is also important to think about discipline and experience. You might want to look at these tips to win at this slot game:

  • Tip 1 Practice with no cost slot casino online malaysia
    Games for free aren't just enjoyable, they also boost your chances of winning. They're a great method to enhance your abilities.
  • Tip 2 Become familiar using the paytable
    Because the paytable shows the value of each symbol and also which ones are most profitable You can quickly determine whether the game is based on Wild or scattered symbols.
  • Tip 3 Stick to the Budget
    Before you play make sure you've established your budget. Make sure you adhere to the budget. That means you shouldn't place bets on a amount that you can't afford to lose.
  • Tip 4 Play for real Jackpots
    Everyone would like to be able to claim the biggest jackpot. But, smaller jackpots typically offer more. There is nothing need to be concerned about smaller, but more realistic jackpots.


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