Playtech Roulette Review

Playtech is the biggest supplier of casino software which powers many of the best live roulette jfdbet on the internet including JFDBET, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power.

What we will look at is the roulette games you can find on Playtech as well as a comprehensive review of other games offered which casinos are the most reliable and we'll also examine the rip-offs and scams you should keep an eye on.

Playtech Roulette Games

Playtech has been for a long time the most reliable provider of roulette games, as the graphics and overall gameplay are more professional than the other options. In addition the players get unlimited free spins, and at casinos we suggest the flexibility of table limits, with JFDBET with the largest range of limits you're likely to see, from RM10 - RM500

If you'd like to try out Playtech roulette games without cost You can do so our no-cost section. There are 10 games for free each powered by a blend that includes Ladbrokes along with Playtech. When we came up with this section for free, we could have obtained the games from many other software providers , but we went with Playtech as they're the most reliable.
JFDBETRoulette GamesHere are various roulette games are available at the majority of Playtech casinos.

  • European 
    The classic roulette game that has only one zero and an 2.7 percentage house edge.
  • American
    The less favorable American variation of the game, with another green spin, the 00 that increases the house edge to 5.26 56%.
  • French
    One zero game is more likely to win than European games because of losing bets on outside betting that pay back the entire amount when zero occurs.
  • Premium Software
    The three games listed above comes with an updated version that has better graphics, also known as premium providing you with six games all in one. Each of them are free to play in our games for free section.
  • Multiplayer
    It's not available in all Playtech casino, but a few casinos offer games that are multiplayer European games. The game's graphics and gameplay are identical to the normal games, however you're playing against other players all over the world. You can track the amount and where they're betting every time. Paddy Power are one of casinos that offer multiplayer games.
  • Video
    The top graphics are on display here. The results are determined using the random number generator (RNG) similar to every other roulette game, but the graphics are on a different level. These games come with much higher limits on table, with Paddy Power video roulette having the maximum bet of RM2,000 , and Ladbrokes reaching to RM25,000.
  • Marvel
    It's just like every other roulette game , however there's another slot that goes toward the progressive jackpot. The jackpot is inspired by the most popular Marvel characters like Spider-Man or The Incredible Hulk.
  • Mini
    A mini variation of this game, with only 13 slots. There is a no-cost mini roulette game that is available in the free section, but you must know about the house edge that is higher than 7%, significantly higher than any roulette game.

Playtech Scams

While Playtech are an excellent platform that has a variety of above board and quick paying casinos to select from, as you can see above however, there are also plenty of frauds and bogus Terms & Conditions that are specific to each casino that you should be aware of and stay clear of.

The Pending Period for Withdrawals The thing we've repeated over and over are that casino sites must pay players who have won immediately after they withdraw their money without any waiting or fussing about.

This is a belief that many Playtech casinos don't have with us due to the fact that they put the term "Pending period" on withdrawals that typically lasts for four days. The withdrawal is essentially sitting and remains inactive for four days before they look at it.

When the pending time is over, some casinos several days to take the withdrawals and some casinos don't make withdrawals during weekends which further delays the process. It's common to have pending periods as well as a lack of weekend withdrawals to increase the time frame to seven days, which is totally unacceptable.

Many well-known and established casinos apply pending periods to withdrawals. The reason for this is because they don't wish to make payments to you. In the time of pending you are able to reverse your withdrawal. That's precisely what they'd like to see to ensure that they don't have to pay you.

It's a scam and we advise you to stay clear of any casino with an awaiting period. Stick to the casinos which pay out within 24 hours without any of these illegal methods.

Limits to withdrawals on Jackpot Winners There are a variety of jackpots that can be won in Playtech casinos, most of them on playtech slot malaysia, however Marvel Roulette is another example of a game that is jackpot-winning.

The way these games operate is The casinos that are part of the same software provider such as Playtech and Playtech, can choose to participate in the jackpot games. The total jackpot you will see is the result each casino depositing money into the pot, as more players are playing and trying to hit the jackpot.

Casinos love jackpots due to the fact that winning cash doesn't come from their pockets - it is a contribution from every casino who chipped in throughout the process. Casinos also receive plenty of press coverage and positive press coverage when they payout the jackpot winning.

But, some casinos have monthly withdrawal limits that are applicable to everyone, without exclusions, even jackpot winners. In 2009 it was a record-breaking fraud in which an Canadian woman won over 4 million dollars from Joyland Casino but she wasn't able to withdraw the money due to the maximum limit for withdrawal that was $9,000 each month. which means it would take 39 years to allow the casino to allow her withdrawal.

Then when the casino's manager came up with the casino manager make a "deal" that she agreed to make for half of the money immediately while the remaining would be forfeited. The woman reluctantly agreed to the arrangement and was robbed by the casino of $2 million even when it wasn't actually their money at all. A total ripoff.

We advise you to stay clear of casinos that have monthly withdrawal limitations. None of the casinos listed above have any restrictions to worry about. We have also seen players earn 5 figure amounts in (lucky) sessions, and withdraw cash with no issues.