How To Cheat Online Slot Games

Since all slot machines today use computers and a lot of them do not accept coins, it's nearly impossible to beat the machines. The only method to cheat the online or video slot machine online for money is to coordinate your game with a slot machine programer who has direct access to the specific machine.

Casinos could bribe player however, it would make sense as fair games generate huge amounts of cash for the casino. There are instances when casinos and players have made a mistake with slots.

I'm curious about how they did it?

The most well-known methods for cheating and tricks for slot machines are listed below.

The Paw of the Monkey Paw

Tommy Glenn Carmichael created the "monkey's Paw" that was made from a piece of steel that was flexible that resembled an claw. It was used to earn more money than by using the slot machine.

To operate the device, the user would insert the monkey's foot into the payout receptacle , then up to the payout spill, until there was a loud clang. When the machine's wheels were spinning and it hit an winning combination, there was nothing stopping the flow of cash. Therefore, the winner was paid a higher amount than he had planned for.

Shaved and Stringed Coins

The shaved and strung coin technique was a well-known technique for cheating. A person would take the coin and cut it in order to allow it to go by the machines. The coin was tied to a string, and a person would place it in the machine and then pull the arm and the reels would spin. Because the coin was less than what it should have been and was on a string the user could remove it to use it again.

Yo-Yo Hack

A Yo-Yo hack sometimes referred to as stringed coins that we discussed earlier can be accomplished by wrapping an elongated string around a coin prior to placing it in an slot machine. After you've put the money into the machine, you pull the string to remove it from the slot machine.

Although this trick worked for slot machines that were operated by coins used in casinos located on land earlier in the day it won't be working for the majority of machines in use in the present, and certainly not for online slot machines.

Magnet Hack

Magnet slot machines were utilized in the past with electronic slot machines. To cheat the machine players could pull the handle, and use the large magnet to stop the machine's reels from spinning on winning combinations.

Another method is to hold off until the winning combo was created, then put the magnet on the table in front of the reels. Then, insert coins then pull the handle and the magnet will lock the reels for more wins.

Making Light

One clever way to cheat slot machines was to use light to fool the sensors of the slot. The light was then reflected onto the light sensor of the machine, which controlled the machine. Through a disruption of the sensor that kept track of payouts the players could have a machine pay more frequently than it was supposed to.

Doing the wrong thing

Slots developers create slots that can be controlled and monitored while providing top-quality gaming. The games are evaluated by independent testing organizations such as the eCORGA as well as Gaming Labs International and those who offer software are licensed by regulators to avoid fraud.

There are instances when game developers have altered the software of the games. For instance, Nevada Gaming Commission engineer Ronald Dale Harris manipulated slot machines to produce better results for himself. He played the machines for years, knowing the source code, but it wasn't until the time he won $100,000 in a keno jackpot in 1995 that his scheme was exposed.

how to beat online casino slot machines

Can Casinos and Slot Machines and Casinos play tricks on players?

Online slots machines weren't created to be a ploy to cheat players. Every slot game, regardless of whether it's online or at a brick-and-mortar casino is designed to pay out at a particular rate. Once the rate has been determined, the slot is, as long as it's operating in a way that is safe, will be able to pay at the rate that is set.

Every casino, be it online or on land there is nothing to gain in stealing your money as they have much to lose. If the slots were to be rigged in any casino, the gambling establishment would lose huge number of gamblers and a significant portion of its earnings. It's not sensible for casinos to take on this risk to make a bit more revenue.

Slot machines are a big business, and casinos will not limit its ability to earn an annual profit from the largest money-maker in the industry by swindling players. There are however casinos that are operating in a way that is unfair. You can learn more about these casinos in the casinos blacklist.

How can you ensure that a casino does not cheat you

If you're worried about a gambling establishment cheating you can take several steps you can take to make sure that the casino, as well as the slot machine that you're playing on, is honest.

1. Make sure you check casino licenses as well as safety measures

To provide additional security, make sure you play at an online casino licensed by a government agency and also play slots that are examined by an independent entity. Learn more about the regulatory bodies that regulate online gambling.

2. Find out the payout rate of the slot.

The machine's payout percentage is known in the form of"the RTP (return on the player) percentage, is visible under the slot's details and easy to find on the internet. Play only with casinos who are committed to fairness and accuracy and who have their games inspected and monitored frequently.

3. Review online reviews

Take the time to read through reviews and search for complaints at any casino online you're contemplating joining. Check out these Casino reviews along with review of slot machines to find out more.

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