How To Cheat On Casino Slot Machines

How To Cheat On Casino Slot Machines is a very popular phrase, however we know the main question gamblers are looking to find out is whether they have "ways to win at the machine". This is fine. Everyone is curious about that. Since it's just reels spinning and the symbols forming in the slot, it could be an "trick" isn't it? Let us answer this question in the next paragraph, however we're cautioning you not to believe in the magic of it.

Do you think cheating on your slots is POSSIBLE?

No. This is definitely not feasible. This isn't a click bait article. We are going to give you the right answer immediately. You cannot alter slot machines. There aren't cheating methods, no hacks. Sorry. There was a time that this was feasible however, it's not the case anymore. (We will provide a few illustrations below.) To fully understand the reason you should know the mechanism of slot machines.

A majority of gamers believe that they are composed from wheels and cogs. The truth is that they're entirely "digital" in the 1990's. The reels that you're experiencing are actually part of computer code. If you open up a cabinet of a slot machine, and then take a look inside, you won't be able to see anything but "cogs". The interior of a slot cabinet resembles an electronic case. Each cabinet is linked with a server centrally which in turn "spins" those reels. A computer program decides whether you've won or not. It is impossible to alter this system using a screwdriver, and you are not able to manipulate it even.

Slot Cheating the COGS and REELS

The 60's were the last time the machines in casinos were mechanical machines. It's true that they didn't have to require "electricity" to operate. They were mechanical watches and a casino workers manually wound the watches every few days. They were games that could be tricked in the sense that most of the cheating software for slot machines are designed to be used with these types of machines. It was also possible to determine what would happen when a winning game occur - the cogs were producing a strange sound whenever it was near to happening, particularly in the case of machines that were old. The thing is that there aren't any mechanical machines for slot machines. In 1960, all casinos changed to electromechanical games, which operated on electricity. They still used wheels and cogs, but they were far more difficult to be cheated. In the 1990s, IGT presented video slots games that were run by the computer's software. The wheels and cogs had gone, and it has been just computer code since then. It's been this way over the last 30 years All games on the slot machines are operating on the same server (even those that are played in brick and mortar casinos) and are running advanced software, that can't be "hacked".

Why is it impossible to beat MODERN slot machines?

The reason is that the outcomes depend on the RNG (random number generator) and it's impossible to determine the result at mobile slot malaysia. Let's discuss this to make it simpler to comprehend. The symbols that appear on the screen of the slot machine aren't actually actual symbols. They are computer codes with an equivalent numerical. Here's an example:

  • Watermelon symbol: 22343
  • Grapefruit symbol: 34342
  • Jackpot symbol 33525

When when you rotate the reel the RNG software generates randomly an array of numbers. If the numbers are within that range as the icon's digits, the symbol appears at the top of the screen. For instance, if RNG software produces a value that is between 22.340 and 22.350 then you will see the watermelon icon on the screen because the numerical equivalent is 22.343. It works as this:

  • The RNG software informs the central server the numbers it has generated.
  • The central server analyzes the numbers and chooses the images to show on the screen.

The whole process takes only minutes. The results are truly random, and even the creator for the RNG software can't anticipate the outcome. Also even if you've got complete accessibility to the server you can't alter the results that the RNG produces. This is why "hacking" will not work The results of a single spin are analyzed by multiple sources , and the whole process takes place in an extremely short amount of time. To "cheat" this kind of system, you need to hack multiple servers, listen to each digital signal, and gain all access to the whole network. In all honesty that you're competent to do this then don't waste time cheating on slots. We're sure that some intelligence agency will come up with an opportunity for you. It's a waste of effort, but the RTP values for the games are reported by the casinos. If these values change, somebody is likely to notice your changes. In the end, there aren't any slot cheats available for the latest slot games no matter if they're at brick and mortar or online casino.


We have mentioned an era when cheating on slots could be a possibility, due to mechanical issues in the cabinets. Let us look at some examples. They are referred to as the most well-known slot cheats of all time. However, we must inform you that none of them works today. If you're thinking of visiting an establishment using this "knowledge" be aware that it's an offence that can be punished and an extremely embarrassing situation.

  1. Cheat Code Cheat Code: This was a shady method that was not available to the "public". When video slots first became available they were using simple computer code , and even simpler chips. There's a concept known as "backdoor" in the world of coding that means that the programmer opens a door to himself and can access the software whenever he'd like. Ronald Dale Harris was one of the programmers. He wrote several backdoors in slots that he designed and utilized some in order to have accessibility to games. He could predict outcomes before the reels began to spin. He was detained and casinos were forced to switch to the central server's audition that we discussed above. It's impossible to do this any longer.
  2. Shaved Coins Slot machines utilize small light sensor to detect the value of the coins they insert. The title of this slot cheat is literally: people were shaving the outer edges of coins. The light sensor sees it as normal coins because it's not able to verify the outside rim. But, the mechanism for payout can do this and detects that it is defective and replaces it. In essence, it was feasible to put in a currency, spin the reels, then receive the coin. It was a mechanical issue and has been solved today. Modern light sensors scan all the area of the coin (sides as well).
  3. False Coins: It's counterfeiting. Certain gamblers used hardened metal dies in order to create the corresponding "coins". One can discern the difference, but the light sensor could be tricked, and that was the entire "concept" behind this scam. Again the modern day light sensors do not make it through this scam. A person whose name is Louis Colavecchio was especially successful with this strategy and is currently in jail.
  4. Yo-Yo: Purchase Monofilament Fishing Line. It is tied around an ordinary coin. Drop the coin into the machine. After the light sensor has accepted it as a form of payment then pull the line to take the coin back. This "tactic" was in use at telephone cabinets for years. The tactic is no longer effective. However, it was possible to fool the older mechanical slot machines back in the day.
  5. Light Wand invented by the famous cheater in the slot Tommy Glenn Carmichael, this was a strange appearance device. Are you familiar with the light sensors on the slot machines that we tell you about? Sure, the majority of slot cheats were created to alter the system, including the light tool. isn't an exception. The device is placed in the slot in the cabinet, where the light sensor located. The device then begins to flash a string of lights in order to make the sensor think it is. By using this "technique" you could insert a penny, in the slot and it will believe you've put hundreds of coins in. It was incredibly compact and lightweight and, once it is inserted in the slots, it's difficult to detect it. It's fun because it's still possible to utilize this method since light sensors aren't protected from it. However, it is important to know what "light code" the sensor is able to accept. This is the method used by Carmichael. He purchased a couple of slot cabinets that were in a scrap state, then analyzed the sensors, then programmed his device to match.
  6. Piano Wire: Take a mini-drill. Locate a mechanical slot cabinet. Create a small hole close to the cogs. Connect a 20-inch long piano wire through the hole, and move the cogs and wheels. If you are aware of how to do it you could jam the cogs to stop them on the spin that is winning. These were all commonplace in the 1980's. But, it's not the case anymore. There's a reason casinos have stopped playing mechanical slots.
  7. Top-Bottom Joint Another invention in the name of Tommy Glenn Carmichael. It's true that he was the most well-known cheater in the slot game ever. He was a fan of manipulating gaming cabinets . He was a genius at it. Top-bottom joints are long wire. The top is shaped as if it's a letter "Q". The bottom is connected to a small battery. It is necessary to insert the Q portion into the coin chute and provide some electricity on the wire. If you are aware of where you want to "touch" within the cabinet, then you could make the payout mechanism hot-wired and then force the cabinet to release all the coins that are stored. This method also requires the most thorough understanding of the workings of slot cabinets. Tommy Glenn Carmichael was buying the used cabinets to make a point. It is still feasible to do so.
  8. Monkey Paw Monkey Paw: This was the earliest version of the top-bottom joint. In essence, the monkey paw is a guitar string that is attached to a rod made of metal. When you are aware of where the rod is in the area, you can connect an unused monkey paw in an open coin chute and activate the release switch on the mechanism to pay. This was developed through... you've guessed it correctly, Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He employed this device for mechanical slots, and then moved on the joint at top and bottom once video slots were introduced.
  9. The Bill Validator device: Users are able to deposit bills into machines, and but they aren't the only option to pay bills. This is a straightforward device. The top is covered by a $100 USD bill. It is possible to put a $1 bill inside. Then, you insert the device into the chute. Light sensors take it as a bet for 100 USD. Remove the device (and also the $100 USD currency bill attached with it) and the one USD bill will fall in the device. Congratulations, you have made 100 USD in bets just 1 USD. This strategy is still working on certain old slot games.
  10. Replacement of Computer Chips: Purchase an used slot cabinet. Reverse engineer the chips. Create the complete code and create your own chip which will boost your odds. Go to a gambling establishment. Unlock a cabinet and insert your chip. Spin it. An expert cheater could open the cabinet and insert his own chips within less than 15 minutes. This method is not working any longer due to the numerous control mechanisms that we have described earlier.

How do CASINOS protect themselves from slot cheats?

It is investing in more sensors for light, for instance. Additionally, the entire casino floor is monitored and recorded 24 hours a day. It is important to note that the majority such cheats require physically manipulating the cabinets. They also watch the streams recorded immediately after winning an award. If they find out about the manipulative behavior and you are arrested, it's as it's as simple as that. There are always cheaters however, they will eventually be caught.

It's LUCK and nothing other than that

Are you wondering how you can win in slot machines at best online slot game malaysia 2022? It's all luck, absolutely nothing else. It is not possible to cheat the slot machines or use an "system" It is true that all games are random , and you can't predict the outcome. There are a few strategies and tips you can apply to increase your odds of winning, like selecting games with high RTP rates, but it's not enough It is not possible to betray the system. Explore our other guides on slot game tips and techniques to discover the "legal" ways to increase your chances of winning. Cheating is... very well you'll be disappointed We can assure you that.

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