Cheating At Slots Games 2022

Research into the most commonly utilized hacks to cheat machines real-life, ranging from the sequence of coins to stringed coins and wires that are specially designed.

Even if half of gamblers be able to deny it, everyone wants to know whether there are real slots cheating techniques they could utilize. There's a thrill in pressing the buttons and putting in coins for instant cash.

Can cheat codes be used in the realm of slot machines, whether online or in the physical world? Are slot players able to beat the randomness of slots machine online?

This article as well as our website are not intended to encourage or condone any kind of cheating. This is a fascinating piece of content that discusses methods and tools employed over time to hack and alter machines. Don't ever cheat. EVER.


In the early 90s, Ronald D. Harris was recruited as a consultant by Nevada Gaming Control Board to examine the software used in slots for potential flaws. Ronald is in charge of going through the slots in Las Vegas casinos and look for weaknesses which cheaters can take advantage of. His position enables him to understand the slot's RNG code, and then find ways to alter it to benefit.

Ronald's expertise permits him to use the term "cheat code" to play a slot by inserting coins into the sequence. One of the commonly used ones was:

  • Dropping three coins.
  • two coins,
  • two coins,
  • one coin,
  • three coins,
  • Five coins in a sequential order.

The cheat codes he uses for slot machines ensure an enormous payout per game, so his annual income of $48K seem like peanuts.

To keep away from being the center of attention when making a fortune through manipulative games, he joined up with his best acquaintance Reid McNeal. Their strategy was straightforward: Reid plays the slots using the trick to win only a few grand per night. The plan was foolproof, however their earnings were lower than they expected.

Greed had the upper hand of both when they won $100,000 by placing a bet of $100 on a keno machine at the Bally's Park Place Hotel, Atlantic City. Reid caught the attention of casino's managers, and this resulted in police officers taking the player to his hotel room, in the hotel where Ronald was in. Ronald's rigging apparatus was evident to the personnel who went into the room.

Ronald as well as Reid were both charged with attempted to cheat and computer fraud. Reid was given the option to have his charges dismissed should he be able to testify against Ronald.

Because of Ronald's greed his greed, the Nevada Gaming Control Board took an even stricter hiring policy for their software-checker and demanded that staff verify the report of others. It's almost impossible to make cheating on slot machines work without notifying security.


Ronald Harris was not the only cheater to come across casinos tricks to win at slots. Here are a few slots cheats as well as strategies for slot machines employed by criminals in the past couple of decades.


One method to cheat an old slot machine is to use magnets. By using the force of magnetic this magnet people can manipulate reels to make the reels that pay high payouts fall on the line of pay. This was possible because the reels were magnetized on traditional slot machines. It is vital to understand that cheaters must keep the magnet in an angle that allows them to focus on the reels and not draw attention to their own.

It is crucial to remember that magnets won't operate on the physical slot machines you'll find on nearly all casinos.

Shaved Coin

In addition to manipulating the algorithm or reels of a game another method of cheating the machine is to fool the sensor of the coin. Shaved coins permit cheaters to fool the slot machine's detector to believe they've dropped a legitimate and legitimate coin. With this trick criminals could win free spins in the most obvious way.

The makers of slot machines are aware of the way that shaved coins as well as other counterfeit currencies can profit from a flaw in the sensor for coins. To prevent this from happening issue, the machines utilize modern lighting sensors to examine both sides of the coin. The new light sensors will stop cheaters from receiving free spins through the use of an unauthentic coin.

Light Wand

The light-wand was among of the most famous slots cheating tools created by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Like shaved coins, this device can be used to fool the sensor in an online game. Cheaters place the tip in the slot of the coin and then illuminate the sensor using the help of a string of lights. Confusion of the sensor with the wand of the slot machine will cause the game to dispense all its winnings regardless of the payout percentage.

To counter this to stop it, the machines offer tickets, not coins. Tickets hold the winner's winnings that can be converted into cash at the cashier. The modern slots can still accept coins and paper bills.

Piano Wire

In 1982, a group of individuals came up with a scheme to rob an electronic slot machine located in Caesars Boardwalk Regency Casino, Atlantic City. One of them set up a mechanical slot machine and then rigged it with the length of a piano wire. A rigged machine on an area of casino, the other participants can play the specific slot and pull the wire to move the reels.

It could be a perfect crime had it not been for security cameras that caught the group of people who had rigged the slot machine , and claiming an enormous amount. Prior to one of the participants who won a huge cash payout from the fake slots could breathe in breath of fresh air, the security swooped in and detained the person inside the casino.

Bill Validator Device

In addition to fake coin, the bill validator device is an electronic slots machine cheats which alters the sensor for money. The device is that are attached to smaller bills, such as a $1 , or $20 note. When it is slipped into the slot for bills it is mistaken by the machine the small amount of money as an 100-cent note. Criminals can also employ this method to wash counterfeits through the slot machine or other casino game.

Thankfully, casinos have gotten smart over devices to validate bills by installing bill acceptors to the most modern machines. Not only do new machines prevent these types of cheating however, they alert security to the person who is inserting the bill.

Replacement of Computer Chips

Dennis Nikrasch is an infamous slot machine hacker who had an innovative idea of reverse designing a slot machine to find out how it functions. He purchased an old slot machine at at home, dismantled it and discovered the microchip that determines the best time to pay an individual player with a jackpot.

With his work as a locksmith for the past eight years and working with fellow criminals, he is able to unlock slot machines as well as connect an untrusted chip into the board. Dennis and his team were able to take $3.7 million in one night. However one of his teammates was irritated by the small portion and decided to hand Dennis over to authorities.

Stringed Coin

One of the most well-known techniques to cheat any machine that can accept coins is to use the stringed coin. Since the coin is tagged by the sensor on the optics of the machine to sign of money being inserted by the cheater, the machine takes the coin back and then repeats the trick.

Unfortunately for hackers the trick to make a stringed coin is not compatible with vending machines and slot machines that have mechanical sensors. Slot machines also come with security measures that prevent players from returning their money after a machine has accepted it.


With the advancement of technology, criminals come up with new tricks to use in casinos. Since online casinos have exploded all over the world Criminals have discovered ways to gain access to the casino and not the machines.

A serious attack on casinos online originates from a group called DRBControl. The method they used was to send email that contained spear-phishing hyperlinks to employees of online casinos. If an employee clicks the link accidentally the group is able to insert a Trojan, which allows them access to the operator's network.

Another option is to hack slot machines using an iPhone to identify which RNG favors the gambler. The phone can record pictures and videos of reels of the slot machines and are then analyzed using an app to find the pattern of the PRNG. The phone's vibrating to show the best moment for cheaters to turn the wheel, assisting players get the most effective edge in playing.

In the course of time, online casinos have increased their security against hackers. To prevent a phishing incident, companies keep track of important employees who have access to sensitive data on their networks. Casino platforms also employ an AI-based system that searches for players who have unusual betting patterns, assisting administrators identify any cheaters who might be in the system.

Slot cheat codes and other cheating techniques can be a result of an unknown opening or exploit in slot machine games. Casinos have found ways to close the gap within their systems to make "old" slot cheat codes ineffective hackers continue to find ways to exploit the newer platforms for casinos or gaming devices.

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