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Tennis-Mental health not helped by tough tour demands, says Federer

Tennis-Mental health not helped by tough tour demands, says Federer

The rigorous schedule of tennis' ATP as well as WTA circuits could be detrimental to the mental well-being of players the tennis legend Roger Federer said on Saturday.The 20-time Grand Slam champion retired from tennis in September following a tour across the globe a variety of times over a period which lasted nearly half one century.

Although Federer was just a month away from his 40th birthday at the time he played his last singles game in competition and the Swiss acknowledged the strain of the pursuit of championships and ranking points on a week-in-week-out basis can be very taxing on players.You're supposed to display the strength. However, we're not machines; we're human beings.Federer said at a press event in Tokyo.

When players retire at a very youthful age, I comprehend it. We witness this from time to time. I find it to be regrettable, as there's bound to be many things happening in the near future.The tour is hard it's the traveling and the training, the jetlag. It's not acceptable to claim,I'm tired today' as it appears as if you're not strong, which is the reason why some players have mental issues.

Numerous tennis professionals have opened up about their struggles with mental health among them are Naomi Osaka and Nick Kyrgios and Ash Barty shocked the tennis world in the spring of this year when she announced her retirement from the sport just 2 months following her win at the Australian Open aged just 25.He said to trusted online slot malaysia.

Federer stated that the strict doping rules also put the players under pressure, as they must inform authorities of their location every day.We need to fill in the doping forms each and every day, and for an hour during the day, depending on where your location is an 41-year-old Swiss explained.You're always aware that in the back of your mind that they're coming at any time, particularly in the hour of need.I did not think I was conscious of it, but it is there and it is always along with you until you retire, and then you realize that the stress disappears.